"Bee Force"
60x50cm Acrylic on canvas October 2021

I exclusively made the piece "Bee Force" for a collective exposition on the thematic of bees, hive and nature for the first ever expo at a new and opening gallery in Italy that a dear italo-venezuelan friend recommended me to.

I participated to the exposition "6 Latti" (translates to "six sides") and went to the vernissage event the 8th of December 2021. This group exposition was as the first and opening night organized in the "Galleria e26" in San Giovanni Tetiano, a little town that lies between Cheti and Pescara in the Abruzzo region of Italy. Curated by Miriam de Francesco and Armando de Nunzio with the participation of the very renewed Italian art critic Jean Blancheart alongside a lot of marvelous artists who ranged from painters, sculptures, photographers to performers.

The show was a great success, there where people queuing to see the artworks from 16h to the 20th nonstop. This is significant because we were in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus. It was truly a magnificent experience announcing the reopening of cultural and art events in 2021. People were happy, curious and participated with interest.

I also encountered personally Mr. Jean Blancheart who gave me the honor of signing the piece "Bravo Pueblo" and pose with it for a photo, yet, giving me one of the biggest public and art critique validation and support for the Venezuelan freedom cause. Furthermore, a few weeks afterwards, Jean made a post where he talked about the show and featured just two pieces; one of them being the piece "Bee Force" that was along the other pieces in the " latti" show exposition. The piece "Bee Force" has a relation to all the other #BirdsOfPrey series and it was unique and made only for this exposition. I gave it to Armando de Nunzio and Miriam de Francesco as a token of appreciation and brotherhood for their investment in developing artistic & cultural dynamics in their territory.

I'm adding to this article a tweet where the moment Mr. Jean Blancheart presented and talked about my piece at the event and a whole lot of pictures of the event and stuff that happened around the work. The show and the gallery was supposed to be a onetime thing but the success of the exposition motivated the group of artists that participated in the "6 Latti" venue at the Galleria e26 launched the idea to become a collective of artists with the objective to make more expositions and work together "like bees". I will help and collaborate with Armando, Miriam and all the wonderful artists I meet there with the same pleasure I painted and experienced what this piece brought.           

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Images of a wonderful event

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